Two Blue Eyes Photography | Boys Day.. and me!!

Boys Day.. and me!!

March 01, 2018  •  1 Comment

On Sunday, it was boys day.  Addi went to the princess ball, so I got to hang out and capture Michael & Alex hanging out. With my camera in hand, I sat close to, and within the same room as the two as they watched tv, played with LEGOS (well.. Michael put the LEGO guy together), made brownies, and had some laughs.

I wanted to really give this a journalistic feel so I put everything in black and white, I feel like it is timeless and classic.

These are my faves of the day:

This next photo is my favorite of the day, Alex looks like such a grown kid here, but he's only 6!!

Watching the Magic School Bus can be sooooo exhausting LOL

This next image is another favorite.  It can perfectly describe parenting, mom or dad is trying to do something while the little ones are throwing a fit and crying.. however.. in this capture, Alex was doing the worm(or his own version) while Michael put together the LEGO guy... (so much for 'pretend I'm not taking your picture') Alex was definitely putting on a show, regardless of how sad it actually looks. All he wanted to do was lick the spoon.. dreaming about that brownie mix.. Not a fan of eggs Michael was so thrilled ;) The image of the two doing dishes was Alex's favorite photo of the day.


I love the expression on Alex face and the black and white theme. Michael was so serious with the Legos good job!
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