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What is your why??

February 07, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Hi everyone!!  I am doing something a little different today.  A more personal blog post.

I have been thinking lately about what I do, what I love about it, and what drives me to keep doing it.

I love photography.  I love everything about it from looking at photos of fashion and beauty, to thinking about what kind of concept I want to shoot for my next personal project, to lighting, shooting, editing and yes, staring at my work when I'm done (LOL).

I love being able to take a photo that shows someone laughing, smiling, or crying happy tears, or a photo of a family together being silly, singing, smiling, or just being with each other.  Capturing a father and his small daughter holding hands, or a bride and groom having a quiet chat or stealing a kiss because they had just gotten married and they have some alone time.  Seeing these moments from the outside, freezing them in time, and giving them back to my clients is such a treasure.  Ending a photo session with the client saying, "that was fun!" or saying goodbye at the end of the wedding day and hearing "We barely knew you were there!" or "We felt so comfortable with you guys!!" is such a great feeling, because life should be fun, and I want everyone to feel good about who they are, and comfortable with us following them around behind cameras all day.  I want to capture the essence of my clients so they can see how beautiful they are as a person.  You don't have to be a supermodel to have beauty, it comes from within, and I want that to radiate through in my photos.

At first it felt a little creepy to ask people to pretend I wasn't there, I felt like I was spying on them, and after I quickly got over my creeper status, I realized that while these people are having such loving, intimate moments, they can't see what's happening.. but I can, and I can freeze that moment in time, so when they look back at the portraits, they can say..  "Remember that day, we laughed so hard," or "I remember you said the funniest joke," or a parent looking at photos of them with their small children, as they're all grown up saying "I remember you being that little."

These are the moments that make me so happy.  Knowing I can give that back in a memory.

 I love fashion & beauty photography as well, I used to LOOOOOVE dressing up my barbies (after cutting off all their hair..) and setting them up in poses and take pictures with my grandma's old 35mm camera.. I am still inspired to work with models, friends, and family members to get them dressed up, and have them stand in for me so I can create rad photos of them.   I always loved the looks that could be created with wild hair, makeup, outfits and cool lighting techniques.  I love the vibrancy and colors of fashion, and the shapes and poses of the models, clothing, and accessories.

As a licensed hair and makeup artist, it helped me to bring both aspects together, but I found that I kept being drawn to the back of the camera.  I enjoyed what I could create from behind the camera, and fell in love with it.  Photography is not only a means of expression for me, but a means of relaxation.  It helps me to clear my mind of any negativity, and focus on beauty.

Photography helps to relieve my anxiety, it helps me express myself, and it makes me happy.

I have been very fortunate that I have an amazingly supportive family, friends, and significant other who encourage me to follow my dreams, and have been willing to mentor me as I have worked with them, and inspire me.  Thank you all!!


That is my why.



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