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The Unspoken Concert

February 24, 2018  •  2 Comments

I was fortunate to photograph the Unspoken show at the Loudonville Community Church last week.

I've heard them on the radio (Air1), and know the lyrics, but when I agreed to go, I decided I should probably look them up..  Little did I know, I was VERY familiar with most of their songs!! (Insert excitement). When you hear a band or musician on the radio, and you've been to a concert or two, you know that there is a sound difference.  However- these guys sounded BETTER than on the radio.  They played to a packed house.. (the church had to bring in chairs in the aisles, and people were standing).  It was amazing to see so many people come together on a chilly night and sing and be together.  I was honestly, pleasantly surprised to how friendly everyone was, people were hugging & holding hands.  There was a lot of great music, some praise, and all around a great time.

Check out some of my favorites from the night:

This was John Tibbs, this opener, who was FANTASTIC!!  You can really tell he loves what he does.

And onto.. Unspoken!!  

I loved this shot of the guitar player, Wiso.

The lead singer, Chad The keyboardist/accordion player, Don. (I got am super pumped about this shot btw)

The drummer, Ariel with Wiso

The Bass player, Jon


The UNSPOKEN concert was a part of the surprise 16th birthday party we threw our daughter, along with 8 of her friends!! Everyone LOVED the concert!! We really enjoyed the songs each musician played that impacted them in their youth. I was able to videotape quite a bit of the show so we continue to enjoy the show!!
Great photos - I loved your comments and I agree completely!
It was a great night.
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