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Pretty Faces Ugly Places Challenge Photoshoot

February 15, 2018  •  1 Comment

I am intrigued by a good challenge.. and if the challenge is photography related... You bet I'm interested!!

My friend Tatianna, who has done some modeling for me before, and I have photographed her and her awesome family previously, asked if I would be up for the pretty faces, ugly places challenge!


You may have heard of this, but the idea is to take a model to a location that is usually less than ideal, and make beautiful portraits.  Challenge accepted!!

We started out at a car wash:

Moved our way to a local granite/marble store:

(Those snowflakes!!)


We then went to a laundromat:

Then we went to a playground, where we found a pretty cool webbed structure,

Thanks again, Tatianna!   Its always a blast hanging out with you and taking your picture!!


Tatianna is such a lovely model & you captured her natural beauty so well! You are such an artist Krystal! Awesome shoot! Maybe someday you’ll teach!
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