Two Blue Eyes Photography | Broken Doll Collaboration Shoot with Adrian

Broken Doll Collaboration Shoot with Adrian

August 12, 2017  •  1 Comment

My friend Adrian does face painting, and we had been talking about a collaboration for a while now.  We came up with the idea of a broken doll.  Once we had the concept, we just needed the location.  She had recently moved, and her house was PERFECT!!

I love the way she painted her face!!

She had an amazing outfit that made her look just like a doll, and I curled her hair into ringlets.

These are some of my favorites from our shoot!! :)


She had some great vintage style mirrors, and her accessories fit the theme to a T!!













This next one is my absolute favorite of the whole session.


Thank you Adrian, for letting me photograph you in your awesome house, and for the awesome idea of a broken doll theme!!

Face Painting: Adrian Catucci

Hair: Krystal Chromczak

Wardrobe: Adrian Catucci


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