Two Blue Eyes Photography | About

We love capturing memories that will last a lifetime.  Freezing a smile, a kiss, a tear of happiness, the moment you exchanged your vows or got engaged.  Catching the surprise on your loved one's face as they walk into a party thrown for them, or your baby's tiny hands and feet.  These are the memories we want to photograph for you to see and forever remember..


Two Blue Eyes Photography is a team made of two blue eyed photographers, Krystal and Michael, who love to capture love, beauty, and happiness.  We photograph the Capital District and Central New York


We use a combination of natural light, on, and off camera lighting to create images that are unique and capture the essence of you.  We take a fly-on-the wall approach to weddings, events, and photo sessions as well as capturing timeless classic portraits.


Krystal has been behind the camera for over five years, assisting a local photographer with wedding, event, and portrait photography.


Michael has always had an interest and eye for photography, and worked in the wedding industry prior to joining Krystal on the TBE team.


We look forward to getting to know you, and capturing memories that you can cherish for a lifetime.


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